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2016 BMWBMW Officers & Committee Chairs

BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington has an active slate of Officers & Committee Chairs. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us with any questions. either via Email or in the forum, each BOD Officer and/or Chair has their forum handle next to their name.

President - Bruce Dimon (BDimon)

I remember when the BMW R90S was introduced and Cycle magazine said it was a great bike but wondered if anybody would pay $3,400 for a motorcycle. The year I graduated high school the most beautiful motorcycle I had ever seen came on the market, the R100RS. In spite of my admiration for the marque, my budget kept me on Hondas.

Finally, in 2012 I bought my first Beemer, my R1200RT. It was so much smaller and lighter than my Gold Wing! After attending a Tech Day, I joined the club to gain access to the technical expertise of its members.

After five years of BMWBMW membership, I am still excited to be a member. Our people, our rallies, and our adventures make this the most exciting motorcycle club I have ever joined.

Vice President - Drew Alexander (drewalex)

Coming soon!

Secretary - Paul Wilson (DCGSrider)

Paul was raised in Ohio, followed by stints at Ohio State and the University of Virginia. Bitten hard by the motorcycle bug in 1999 after moving to DC, he's been a high-mileage (and near-daily) rider ever since. His first--and so far only--BMW is a 2009 R1200 GS, in Namibia Orange. When he is not "architecting," Paul is a big fan of long road trips and rallies: He has the tee shirts and a motley collection of rally mugs to prove it. Paul currently lives in Arlington with "associate member" John and a mixed Corgi named Toby. He enjoys changing his own oil, but not his own tires, and likes chatting up complete strangers all over the world via ham radio.

Treasurer Bryan Hunt

Coming soon!

Membership - Karen Ager (sundevil2)

Motorcycles were “outlawed” in the home of my youth, so I came to riding relatively late. I’ve been riding since 2007 when I bought my first bike, a 13-year-old Yamaha Virago. It was a great bike.

I got involved with BMWBMW about that same time and knew I needed to fully join the fold, as it were. My first BMW was an F800ST. I currently ride an F650GS (twin). Riding is one of my many passions. Short trips, long trips…my bags are packed.

The BOD is here to make your club experience better. Please let us know how we can improve. Or get involved yourself. It’s a great way to meet others who share our passion.

Please send any membership requests or inquiries to me - - I’ll be happy to help!


Mailing address:
BMWBMW Membership
PO Box 44735
Fort Washington, MD 20749-4735

Editor - Vacant

Check out the Online Between the Spokes!

Government AffairsVacant (vacancy)

Currently open! please email President

Committee Chairs

Rides - Bruce Dimon (bdimon)

Check out BMWBMW's Ride Pages for the latest information and updates on our club and member rides and events, and tons of resources on the great roads in the mid-Atlantic area! Also check the message boards for last-minute and informal rides and ride ideas!

Safety - Scott Keimig (ERC Scott)

I am a third generation motorcyclist – so, I have been on and around bikes for almost my entire life. Paradoxically for a BMW rider, my motorcycling ancestors were on the Norwegian side of my family tree and not the Bavarian side. It was as a sixteen-year-old that I first laid eyes on a BMW; it was a black boxer on display at Tri-City Motorcycles in Rock Island IL. While considerably beyond the financial resources of a grocery bagger (a Honda SL100 was my ride at the time), I somehow knew I would be on a BMW saddle SOMETIME. Well, sometime finally occurred in 1995 via a silver K75S sold to me by none-other than local legend Paul Mihalka. Since then I have owned a K12RS, one of the first R12GS sold in Maryland, and currently an R12RT. I have had a couple other European bikes as well. I have been fortunate enough that I have ridden Europe several times including a ten-day exploration of my Norwegian roots.

I have been an MSF instructor in Maryland for 13 years including roles as a training center manager (opening the range at Frederick Community College) and most recently as MSF quality assurance supervisor for western Maryland. Last year I expanded my teaching credentials by becoming an instructor for Lee Parks’ Total Control Advanced Rider Clinics in Maryland. As you can guess, I am a fervent advocate of advanced bike training, and I believe it is one of the most effective means of increasing one’s enjoyment of our sport, regardless of current skill level.

Internet - Kristopher Betz (kjbetz)

I'm happy to be able to support BMWBMW as your webmaster. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, send me an email anytime.

Meetings & Events - Rafael Cohen

Retired from the Army a few years back, now I work for the other half of the government. I learned how to ride on a DRZ250. It's been five years since I took the plunge and got my license and an R12R. Love that bike!
I live in the southern portion of Northern Virginia, but ride anywhere fun.

Check out BMWBMW's Ride Pages for the latest information and updates on our club and member rides and events, and tons of resources on the great roads in the mid-Atlantic area! Also check the message boards for last-minute and informal rides and ride ideas!

Check out BMWBMW's Event Pages for more information on all our upcoming events!

Technical - Wes Fleming (Chiba)

I rode junky bikes for a few years in my youth, but my first real bike was a ’96 Honda Shadow. I rode that bike through rain, snow and blistering heat (yet another point in my life during which I didn’t own a car) until it was destroyed when both it and I got run over by an inattentive driver. While learning how to walk again, I bought a Suzuki Bandit 1200S; that bike carried me to San Francisco in 2001, which is where I rode my first BMW – a pristine black ’95 R1100GS. That short, hilly ride started the sickness in me that makes me twitch any time I don’t have a BMW to ride.

The following year I got my own ’95 R1100GS and rode that for a couple of years until I decided to get a decent 4-door, 4-wheeled vehicle to cart my fairly fresh kid around in. Eventually, my wife told me to get another motorcycle, which led to an ’85 K100. While a good bike, it just wasn’t for me, and I picked up a ’97 R850R. By then I was hip-deep in BMWBMW, making friends and learning how to work on my bike.

A long summer trip showed the need for a higher-displacement bike and I returned to the GS fold with another (though low mileage) ’95 R1100GS. That gave way to my current bike, an ’05 R1200GS originally owned by VP Scott Keimig that came to me through Rick Blanc (Doghouse). Along the way I picked up a K1200RS and had a sidecar attached to it. I may be BMWBMW’s official “least aerodynamic rider”, but I’m not letting it slow me down… …much.

Previously I had been the editor for Between the Spokes, the club’s monthly magazine, since the January 2012 issue.

I look forward to serving as your Tech Chair this year!

Ride well!

Check out the BMWBMW Events Page for information on our tech events, and the message boards for tips, tricks and informal maintenance and wrench-gatherings.

Sales - Gregory Krammes

Check out BMWBMW's e-Commerce area for information on our club-logo shirts, hats, and more!

Don't forget, feel free to e-mail us with any questions or concerns!