2019 Ballot for Club Officers

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! We are fortunate to have great candidates for our positions! These folks are committed to serving us on the BOD, please support them and consider putting your name in the hat especially for Membership Chair or Treasurer or on the volunteer list. Ballots are due by: Wednesday, October 31!

The official ballot for the 2019 Club Officers:
President: Drew Alexander
Vice President/Rally Chair: Todd Dibell
Secretary: Tom Rhodes
Media/Newsletter Chair: Bruce Dimon
Membership Chair: Ed Pfister
Treasurer: Bryan Hunt

Choose the nominated person or write in your candidate. All club members and associate members in good standing may participate in this election. Make sure your ballot includes your BMWBMW Membership # and Associate Membership # (if applicable) to authenticate it.

There are two ways to vote:
1) Email to: Elections@bmwbmw.org and include your BMWBMW Membership # and Associate Membership # (if applicable)
2) Click here to download the ballot as a PDF file and mail it to:
BMWBMW Elections c/o Freund
2704 Back Creek Road
Pasadena, MD 21122