Tech Day at the Square Root Rally - Work on your bike with help from an expert!

Instead of tech seminars, we decided that a tech day was a good idea. It will be held in the pavilion from 9-whenever we are done.

All the usual stuff will be done. Jim Von Baden of JVB Productions ( will bring a load of tools, including the old and new GS911s, a laptop, a throttle body sync Harmonizer, and all the specialized tools we should need.

You bring your bike, any consumables you will need (Oil, Brake Fluid, filter and parts), and we will have a good time. You should be able to do a full service in just a few hours on any 1994 to current R-series bike, plus other bikes as well.

It isn't required that you reserve a space, but it would be helpful to know what you would possibly be doing on your bike, and what kind of bike, so Jim can be sure to have all the tools you will need. Of course it is encouraged that you bring tools of your own so you know what you have is good enough, and can figure out what you are missing.

If you have large items (tires)or parts, they can be delivered to Battley Cycles by Wednesday May 31, 2017 and they will happily transport them to Camp West Mar for you!

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