2017 Dealer Passport Ride Contest

What better reason to get out on that bike, than to ride to our mid-Atlantic BMW dealers!? !? Between now and November 30, 2017 document your visit by filling in the details and getting a dealer representative’s signature on the Passport. Whether you visit all of them or just your favorite, submit your passport before 12/15/2017 to rides@bmwbmw.org. All entries will be included in a drawing, and special recognition will be lavished upon those who visited all dealers. (Fabulous prizes are to be determined, but get out and ride anyway!)

Bonus Category!
If your adventures take you out of the mid-Atlantic area, document your visit to a BMW dealership with a picture which must include: your bike, dealership signage, and you in riding gear. There will be an award for the furthest dealer visit from your home address, and random other recognitions at the sole subjective discretion of the contest committee. Submit your pics before 12/15/2017 to rides@bmwbmw.org.