It’s time again to canvass our members as to their interest in serving on the 2018 BOD – you all know that it takes participation from the club members to keep the club alive!

Our 2017 BOD Directors are listed at Club Officers and the by-laws are listed at BMWBMW Bylaws. The candidate selection committee invites to contact us or any of the current officers to talk about expectations and experiences.

We can’t assume that the current BOD will continue and we need to stir up some good old competition – your participation is greatly encouraged.

All positions - President, Vice-president/Rally Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair and Media/Newsletter Chair - are open so you are encouraged to check out the positions and submit your name and interest statement for that position.

Please also review the various committees and feel free to submit your interest statement for serving on a committee!

SUBJECT: 2018 Candidates

Name + Position(s) + Statement of Interest

Thanks for being a member, we cannot do this without you!

Gene Freund, Ed Pfister, and Jerry Skene
2018 Elections Committee