Fourth Sunday Breakfast Ride

Henry, Daria, Arnab, and Bruce met in Clifton. The Clifton Cafe was serving crepes and espresso for carry-out. We wore our masks and kept our distance in the parking lot while we ate. We met two other riders who asked to join but said they needed to get gas first. I don't know where they went to get it but after a half-hour, we guessed they got lost.
Four bikes headed west past Manassas and along some nice back roads through Warrenton where we stopped to top off our tanks. Continuing west, we enjoyed the pavement until it turned to gravel. We made a U-turn and went down another road past some beautiful homes until we got to the last mansion. That's were the pavement turned to gravel again. Since we were close to 211, we pressed through until we saw a grand palace of a estate and the pavement started at that point and continued to the main road. How do they decide where to lay asphalt?
The rest of the ride had excellent pavement and gently winding back lanes. The weather was overcast which brightened the hues of the scenery. The distant mountain tops poked into the bottom of the clouds but not a drop fell from the sky and the road surfaces were dry for excellent traction. We passed through Round Hill, Purcellville, and Waterford before a stop at Beans in the Belfry in Brunswick for another coffee. We maintained our social distance as we sipped on the sidewalk.
The twists and turns continued through Burkittsville to the South Mountain Creamery where we were disappointed to learn that it is closed until the pandemic ends. The fun ride ended there and we we followed the main roads to our homes.

Keeping Socially Distant at Beans in the Belfry