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2021 BMWBMW Officers & Committee Chairs

BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington has an active slate of Officers & Committee Chairs. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us with any questions. either via Email or in the forum, each BOD Officer and/or Chair has their forum handle next to their name.

President - Bruce Dimon (bdimon)
President Picture

I remember when the BMW R90S was introduced and Cycle magazine said it was a great bike but wondered if anybody would pay $3,400 for a motorcycle.
The year I graduated high school the most beautiful motorcycle I had ever seen came on the market, the R100RS.
In spite of my admiration for the marque, my budget kept me on Hondas.

In 2012 I bought my first Beemer, my R1200RT. It was so much smaller and lighter than my Gold Wing!
After attending a Tech Day, I joined the club to gain access to the technical expertise of its members.
In 2020 I get an F900XR

After eight years of BMWBMW membership, I am still excited to be a member.
Our people, our rallies, and our adventures make this the most exciting motorcycle club I have ever joined.

Vice President - Ed Pfister (eap)
Vice President

I began riding BMW's for real, around 1983 in Central America where I picked up a slightly used R80/GS with a hand pounded 11-gallon gas tank from Belgium. Since then, I have been a BMW GS guy - the R80 was followed by a 2001 R1150GS and my current steed is a 2014 R1200GS LC.

I joined the club a few years after arriving in the DC area and after attending several of the Tech Days where I learned to put the wrench on that GS. "Tech Days are what sold me on becoming a member" and I have enjoyed the camaraderie of many breakfast rides and the Square Root Rally as well.

Originally a Hoosier, I have been fortunate to have traveled extensively in SE Asia and Central America but for the past 30ish years, my wife, daughter and I have become a 'born again' Marylanders. We especially enjoy the Chesapeake Bay and the seafood it provides. Of course, the Mountains of the East are among my favorite riding areas - especially Southern VA, Northern NC, Central WV, Western MD, and the PA State Forests.

I have appreciated the hard work of our BOD and Committee Volunteers and am happy for this opportunity to take on new responsibilities in the club.

Secretary - Gene Freund

I first motorcycled as a young family practice resident with a tiny bit of cash, no clue about the MSF,
and rudimentary instruction from the middle aged gentleman who sold me my KZ-400. The KZ and
later a beat up R60/6 with a Luftmeister fairing carried me around mid-Missouri. I rode the R60
Cincinnati in '88. Time and a too short city commute led to the R60's sale, but not before a balmy
January day in 1989 when we took a long ride in and around the deserted Cincy streets while
everybody else was watching the Bengals lose the Super Bowl. (Not your biggest football fan.)

Maryland in 2008 and my commute now had some fun “detours.” I still had the “M” on my license, but
enrolled in the MSF course saying I'd refresh on someone else's bike and make sure I didn't hate it. I
showed up ATGATT and purchased my R1100RT shortly thereafter. I do mostly my own maintenance,
having gotten away with wrenching on the R60 and a couple air cooled VWs. Tech days have been a
big help! Between the two of us we now have an S1000XR, an F650GS twin (lowered) and an
R1200GS in roadworthy shape. The K75S is still a project.

I've taken the MSF series, MotoMark's overland confidence course, and Total Control. In 2018 my
wife Debbie (she's relatively new to riding) and I did a great Stayin' Safe weekend before continuing to
Mississippi and then pointing our bikes up the Natchez Trace toward Mom in Cincinnati and then back
here to Maryland.

Hopefully the board didn't make a mistake appointing me as Secretary. I'll work to do the minutes
timely and join the board's work to guide the club these days.

There's at least one slot open on this year's election committee (and always room for candidates for any
club position).

Treasurer Bryan Hunt
Coming soon!

Membership Phoebe Bennett
Membership Chair Picture

As a relatively new rider, I’ve been so grateful to the club for all the planned trips, good advice, get-togethers and events.

My favorite routes are the small backroads through the mountains, from VA to WV.

After moving from a F650CS to a F700GS, I’m spending more time off-road and always learning!
I’m glad to be able to help get the word out about all the club has to offer to new members.


Mailing address:

BMWBMW Membership

P. O. Box 166

Weston, WV 26452

Media Chair - Mark Pledger

Hi folks. I am a long time rider, who got his motorcycle license back before getting his car license. Over the years I have owned a number of japanese bikes, ranging from 125cc to 1100cc. During the 90's I took time off to raise a few rug rats. Now that they are grown, I'm grateful to be able to get back into riding full time.

I bought my first BMW five years and loved the engineering and reliability of them. When I purchased my F800GT, I started commuting and riding year-round. In 2021, I celebrate my fifth year being car-free. I love it, and haven't looked back or regretted it since.

I'm excited to be part of the BMWBMW Club. It's time we draw in new members and push the organization to expand our footprint and value. As the Media Chair, I look forward to upgrading our website and supporting our club.

Editor - Bruce Dimon (bdimon)

My main qualification for Newsletter Editor is that I am long-winded. Ask anybody who sits mear me at the breakfast meetings. I welcome all contributions to the monthly newsletter because I edit it, I don't write it (well, not all of it). Just email me some pictures and text. I'll arrange it into a story.

Check out the Online Between the Spokes!

Committee Chairs

Rides - Jose Abiles (jcabiles)

This year the Rides Committee has two members known as some of the most passionate riders in the club. Jose and Jeff. Together they know all the twisty roads in the Mid-Atlantic. Jose rides an R1150RTP ex-cop bike.

Rides - Jeff Tank (RocketMan)

Jeff rides several bikes and is partial to Airheads. He is a skilled photographer and has an interesting site to answer the question "Is Jeff a biker, a rider or just plain nuts?"

Check out BMWBMW's Ride Pages for the latest information and updates on our club and member rides and events, and tons of resources on the great roads in the mid-Atlantic area! Also check the message boards for last-minute and informal rides and ride ideas!

Technical - David aka Ole Thanatos (thanatos1224)

Coming soon!

Check out the BMWBMW Tech Day page for information on our tech events, and the message boards for tips, tricks and informal maintenance and wrench-gatherings.

Government Affairs - Vacant (vacancy)

Currently open! please email President

Safety - Vacant

Currently open! please email President

Don't forget, feel free to e-mail us with any questions or concerns!